Love is the salvation of the world!

I have already believed that the organization of states and societies would by itself create a prosperous, peaceful and happy world. At some point in my life I even considered political and revolutionary violence a legitimate way to make our society more just. However, after years of observing contemporary facts and some knowledge of the history of mankind, compelling reflections have led me to the conviction summed up in one verse of one of my songs: “Only Love subverts so much pain!” That phrase came into my mind when I was composing the lyrics of the song “Cave of The Moon of Saturn.” It was a consequence of everything he had written up to that stanza. It came natural, logical, insightful and somehow gave meaning to the song and, I hope, the remnants of my days here on planet Earth.

For some time now I have been thinking about this question and approaching the conclusion that Love is not a mere feeling as it is usually treated in texts, verses and prose. It is something much deeper, objective and the fruit of a certain state of consciousness. It is capable of impelling human beings to modify and even surpass ideologies, political and social systems, concepts, prejudices, catastrophes, situations of misery and much more. Love is the fruit of intelligence, reason and understanding that we are beings integrated into a great web of life that transforms us into a single universal entity. The Suffering, happiness, struggle for survival of one is the suffering, happiness and the struggle for survival of all. Love, while creating feelings, behaviors and attitudes, is also amplified by these same feelings, thoughts and understandings that nourish and reinforce each other. Tolerance, empathy, compassion, affection, respect, solidarity, generosity, humility and much more if you feed and infect the mind, transforming eyes, mouths, legs and arms into performers of dignifying actions that aim to do good for other people, other living things and the whole planet we inhabit.

The problem is that Love, contrary to its greatness, has always been treated by most people as naive, romantic, religious and mystical. For this reason, it is a victim of great prejudice since a good part of humanity believes that it needs anger, hatred and violence to be feared and respected. In the intimate one believes that the Love like practice of coexistence is for the weak and dreamers! But, contrary to a demonstration of fragility, love is above all an act of extreme courage for those who resolve to change the social environment, the environment and the world from within. Facing primarily its own limits, its destructive behaviors, arrogance, individualism and pettiness that manifest daily. Still suffering the disdain of many who live in the family, professional or social environment. Do you want to try it? Arrive today speaking of Love at your place of work.

In fact we still do not really understand what Love is. We need to evolve in this. For this, this subject needs to be talked about, treated, debated by people in daily life and studied by our sciences. It is time to develop the theory of Love, its didactic and even the ideology of Love if that term fits. Every human being seems to have the biological or spiritual capacity to love, as well as the possibility of developing it. Perhaps Love is the most important law of coexistence and survival of intelligent beings who want to build a victorious civilization. Some say it is the most powerful force in the Universe.

The fact is that the learning of Love is not developed in our world because over the centuries we believe and act as if it were a virtue that only the good and the “saints” bring into our hearts. There are also those who consider it a puerile, simple and even mediocre feeling. But Love is a high state of consciousness or result, and yet it is not exclusive to higher beings as many think. The states of consciousness are fully attainable by any people through reflection, prayer, meditation or mental self-programming. Love is a decision and a goal! Decide to love, find the means and tools you will get!

In fact, we still do not understand the fundamental lesson. The lesson that being Love something far beyond feelings can be taught, as Mandela said and especially demonstrated Jesus Christ, the great Teacher of Love with his parables and sermons. Note that this incredible human being did not treat Love as something that arises spontaneously or comes from the person’s birth. He intervened here on Earth for the clear purpose of teaching us to love. He did so through the words of the time and above all through his attitude of humility and acceptance, being firm when necessary and forgiving all who crucified him. Certainly Jesus knew that we were going to evolve politically, socially and technologically, and he came to plant a saving idea in order that at some point it might be understood, developed and become the cornerstone of our civilization and lead our life in society, our scientific discoveries, our ideologies and everything that we will still create in our world.

Maybe some think I’m living in a kind of madness or utopia, but for me it’s pure lucidity. It is the predominating reason over fragile emotions. Or rather, it is reason to fight against them daily. I repeat, this understanding, for me so clear, comes with a historical vision and, mainly, the observation of the daily life of people, families and our lives in community. It comes with the certainty that so far we have not taken the step and that our ideological “formulas” from left to right and from top to bottom did not work as we would have liked. Our religions, between visible contradictions, have lost the ability to make us evolve spiritually; our technology has not freed us and our governments fail on a daily basis to promote justice and social welfare. And despite their role, and the need and importance they have, there is something that is missing for them to evolve and function properly.

We must understand that things do not develop themselves in a satisfying way because we do not know, we do not understand and we are not able to organize societies more just and that contemplate the complexity of the human existence on the Earth, its intrinsic relations and with the other forms of life and the nature. Politics, power, ecology, environment, consumption, comfort, feelings, employment, diversity, convictions, diseases, families, geography, food, population, concepts, religious conceptions, behaviors, coexistence … Our difficulties in administering all this are not for having bad intentions. What we have is emotional, rational, scientific, technological, spiritual and material incapacity. Who knows, a mega-hyper-super-computer with artificial intelligence could actually solve the issue! I think it’s hard to believe thought, is it not?

In this tangle of problems and situations what could work? What would be available to all? Theories, practices and technologies are important, but what is really critical? What would be able to give a full meaning to all this? What could fill every action, every new discovery, every initiative with tolerance, respect, good coexistence, harmony, peace and so many other questions? Love is the missing ingredient. It is so extraordinary that throughout our history, even in times of war, it has always been there, to a lesser or greater degree, softening and solving situations, overcoming difficulties, imposed rules and prejudices. If Love prevailed in the world, it would have avoided conflicts and diminished the suffering caused by natural disasters, calamities and our organizational limitations. History has shown that Love can shine in human minds and communities in inhospitable, degrading and unexpected situations.

Love is compatible with all ideologies. It was they who refused to have it as an inspirer of two conceptions and, contrary to what many think, is not antagonistic to the organization of the state that must fulfill its role in security, in combating crime and corruption, in education, health and the economy. One should not confuse Love with omission, forgiveness with impunity, peace with absence of conflicts and disagreements. Love does not attenuate or mask these issues. It is only capable of turning all this into a great collective quest and sincere cooperation for a better world.

Yes, there are challenges. How to practice Love in violent situations where your own life is in danger? It’s not easy, but it’s not impossible. You really cannot naively discuss Love with criminal factions full of hatred, violent human beings, terrorists, and the like. But his moral strength should not be underestimated, as Gandhi has shown in the peaceful struggle against the British Empire. In the cases of thousands of practical situations, organizational, facing organized crime, political or social radicalism, laws and rules must prevail. The actions of the State and its agents, on behalf of society, should be tough if necessary. And this does not deny the Love and compassion of law enforcement and people to those who will be punished for the crimes they have committed. “He who loves, educates,” Içami Tiba said. This is not just for kids. It serves all mankind.

To survive, Love must be practiced in the light of reality and our level of understanding of life. Only then will it evolve and change reality, becoming ever more present among human beings until it becomes the most important force of our civilization, relieving individual sufferings, family, social, political pains and the great pains of the world and predominating in the relationships between humans and other living things and nature. Love is the salvation of the world!