The clip and its meanings

Cave of the Moon of Saturn

The image of the Earth in space at the beginning of the clip is of an unusual beauty. It looks like an oasis in the immensity of the Cosmos. There is life immersed in its atmosphere, on its surface, in the oceans and in its depths. Among the species, one considers herself the owner of everything. They are the human beings, who have developed technology and complex social systems

The images in the clip illustrate a small part of the human action on the planet. In the beginning they show the influence of financial power on medicine and the contradictions of many representing different churches. Money, violence, lies, pedophilia … That is, the “angels” (priests, pastors and doctors) become “demons” and do not fulfill their purposes of caring for the body, mind and soul of human beings.

The meteor falling on Earth symbolizes our fragility and at the same time the suffering of the perception of what we are doing with the Earth. The images illustrate the aggressions of the human species against nature, against animals, against trees and against itself. It shows selfishness, violence, wars, but also the way of life of consumption, luxury and lack of sustainability that are destroying our world..

The images also show that ideologies, governments and religions must be subordinated to life in its most natural state and its meaning of fraternal and dignified survival. In the last part they show that only tolerance, respect between human beings and those with life on Earth can create a world of solidarity and capable of surviving. “Only love subverts so much pain.” In the video, then, there are human beings who were able to love and practice Love. They are not holy or pure. They are men and women who have let in their minds compassion and Love to living things in general, including those of their own kind, and nature. The message here is: if they loved, we can all love also at high levels. In that part the clip shows Jesus Christ crucified, not as a religious being, but as a human being who was able to give his own life to save his fellow men.

Finally, the discouragement and travel to Saturn or Andromeda illustrating the cosmic consciousness that we are not alone in the Universe. Despite this symbology, the clip and the song conveys the feeling that there is still a chance that we will change the direction of things here on this blue planet, which they even call “Water Planet,” but which is actually the “Planet Life,” that we can transform into another “Planet of Love” as many who must inhabit the Universe.

The clip leaves the message clear that Love is the salvation of the world!